Wooden Germany

Light in new quality


WOODEN Germany creates unique lighting, furniture and wall decorations by utilizing real wood veneers and modern LED technology. Everything is fully customizable with the ability to control the light by your smart device.


The idea behind this is better explained in the video below by the CEO Genrih Missal in which he talks about how important it is to gain visual validation and clarity for the end customer by seeing products placed in the real world.

Genrih Missal - CEO |
Wooden Germany

"Having the opportunity to actually show my clients the final idea of how the finished design is going to look like - it instantly puts me on the same page with the client. And this speeds up the sales process tremendously."


To accommodate both the need for flexibility in the process of showcasing the products on site and the desire to further position the brand as a leader by keeping on par with the latest technology, the client has decided to invest into the custom Augmented Reality solution.


As a result of this, WOODEN Germany is able to showcase their products more efficiently, meaning the process of communication and validation with the client has rapidly shortened and the entire sales strategy was improved by real-time visualization of products in AR.

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