Iconic 50's design


VZÓR creates a uniquely designed timeless mid-century furniture. The company successfully combines traditional values with modern technology and creates exceptional products with a great story.


Our job was to incorporate the technology of Augmented Reality into the sales and promotion model of VZÓR, which we managed to bring about by providing them with a custom-tailored Augmented Reality solution.

Jakub Sobiepanek -
Art director | VZÓR

"It is an awesome fresh new way of communicating with clients. People love the juxtaposition between classical old-timey design and cutting edge technology. Also, it's a great tool for instant product showcasing."


Putting the products into the AR space revealed solved a lot of issues for VZÓR as their main goal was to be able to provide their sales representatives with this technology so they will be able to showcase the products anytime and anywhere.


After VZÓR fully incorporated the Augmented Reality technology into the sales process, not only have they been able to close more deals than before, they have managed to make the process more efficient by saving more than 30% of the time.

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