Elegant & efficient fireplaces


Tulikivi is the largest manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces in the world. Combining the elegance with practicality, the products are built from natural materials of the highest quality with close attention to detail.


Recreating trustworthy representations of products in many different variants of soapstone texture so that the company is able to distribute the AR app to its distributors and salespeople all around the world.

Markku Prättälä -
CSO | Tulikivi

"We use the application mainly to provide our sales representatives all around the world with a powerful sales tool. From the logistical point of view alone, having all the products in all the variations all the time available is a huge benefit for us."


As the soapstone tends to vary in its texture quite a bit from product to product, the most integral part of the whole project was to get it looking as organic and as randomized as possible. The use of laser scanning and meticulous post-processing eventually led to an awesome high-resolution result.


Tulikivi's sales reps have been using the AR since the development phase of the project, gathering valuable feedback - we have been able to fine-tune every little detail along the way. Now, with a steady portfolio of more than 30 products, Tulikivi utilizes the AR app in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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