Why getting product visualizations?

Cost effective

Saving money by getting renders instead of product photography is a no brainer when it comes to huge amounts of products and variations.


No need for photoshoot management, people, space or lighting conditions + you can change color variations of the product in an instant.

Visuals sell

Whether you are selling a luxury item or a regular piece of furniture, your product images should be looking flawless and consistent.

Product validation

By creating a fictional product and marketing it to your target audience to test the demand, you can avoid the risk of losing money in production.

Quality and speed

Using product visualization can be 3x as fast as arranging a photo-shoot. No post-processing, no imperfections, smears or dust particles.

Limitless options

Do you have a crazy big idea in your head that would never be possible to execute in real-life? With CGI, virtually nothing is impossible.

The process of creation

1. Primary briefing
& task specification

Starting with the initial briefing - the client explains his needs and wished and together we will create a specification sheet regarding deliverables.

2. Scene building
& preview rendering

Our designers will then proceed to create 3D scenes with the desired products based on the specifications and render the preview images to be reviewed.

3. The approval
and final delivery

After the client expresses the approval, the final high-fidelity renders are made. When we are 100% sure that the imagery is OK, the delivery takes place.

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