Lucht LHZ

German heaters and radiators


Lucht LHZ creates innovative and emission-free heating systems for over 30 years. Loyal to their modern approach and vision future-oriented business model, they have decided to embrace the technology of Augmented Reality by getting their very own AR application.


Primary goal of the entire project was to create 3D models that can be used not only in Augmented Reality application but also for a variety of other purposes such as product visualizations and creating isolated product imagery for catalogues and other marketing efforts.

Rafael Frommhold -
E-Commerce Manager Lucht LHZ

"Radiators are something that you can't showcase as easily as a table or a chair for example. With AR, it is simply just a matter of having a tablet or a phone and I can preview any product I wish at any given time or place."


The whole challenge was to get the proportion of intricate shapes and sizes of each and every product right. Making sure that every little detail represents the reality was a tedious process which in the end paid off really well. The UX adjustments have been made in order to make the navigation easier, as the products tend to resemble each other.


After trying the AR app at a real exhibition, the interaction with prospective customers got into a whole new realm. With over 30 products in both white and dark variants, Lucht LHZ has now in its possession a powerful sales tool that can be utilized not only in their B2B sales process but also as an effective tool of communication with the end customers.

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