Organic decoration & acoustics


Offering a fully preserved natural plant products that combine aesthetics with high-level acoustic absorbance - Greenmood is a truly unique provider of zero maintenance designer walls, frames and acoustic panels with environmental sustainability and biodegradability in mind.


The goal was to create a hight quality 3D visual representation of more than 200 organic looking products. Based on the clients B2B business model, we have come up with a custom Augmented Reality solution for his sales representatives to implement into the process.

Sadig Alekperov -
Owner | Greenmood

"Try imagining a 12ft wall of moss at your office. With our products placed on the AR platform our clients can now envision the final product on site without lengthy time consuming 3D visualizations."


Our 3D department came up with a neat solution using Substance painter, by which we were able to randomize the texture while preserving the organic look of the foliage. After that came the final correction of colors were made.


The reported results were phenomenal. Prospective clients reacted in a really positive way which eventually led up to faster sales process and at the same time, we have managed to remove the necessity of custom 3D visualizations.

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