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Offering a fully preserved natural plant products that combine aesthetics with high-level acoustic absorbance - Greenmood is a truly unique provider of zero maintenance designer walls, frames and acoustic panels with environmental sustainability and biodegradability in mind.


Based on the trial, the client has discovered that his sales people are completely OK with just the AR Visual platform app, even though the total amount of product variations is over 200. So there was no need of going into the custom AR solution, as Greenmood works primarily B2B.


The moss and lichen textures are something that is not that common in interior design - that is why we had to approach this task in a different way. Every single texture had to be unique and at the same time believable and realistic. Plus we had to keep in mind - not to overshoot with the total polygon count so that the loading time would not be affected in a negative way.

Solution and results

Our 3D department came up with a neat solution using Substance painter, by which we were able to randomize the texture while preserving the organic look of the foliage. After that came the final correction of colors based on photos that the client has provided us.

As mentioned before, the client ran a trial period with his sales team and the reported results were phenomenal. His clients reacted in a really positive way which sped up the sales process quite a bit and at the same time removed the necessity for 3D visualizations.

"Try imagining a 12ft wall of moss at your office. With our products placed on the AR platform our clients can now envision the final product on site without lengthy time consuming 3D visualizations."

Sadig Alekperov - Owner | Greenmood

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