Glamm fire

World class luxury fireplaces


Glamm Fire is the leading manufacturer of exclusive high-end fireplaces both for indoor and outdoor. Astonishing design together with the hard work allows this company to differentiate and create truly exquisite, luxurious and high-quality products.


In order to solidify their position as a market leader, Glamm Fire had asked us to help them introduce Augmented Reality into their business model so that they will be able to not only reach a new market but also showcase products more efficiently.

Isabel Oliveira -
Director of commerce | Glamm fire

"The Augmented Reality technology is without any doubt the greatest marketing and sales tool ever - especially during exhibitions. We have tested the AR app for a few months and decided to include the entire product line, as there is just so much to leverage from it."


The pain point concerning the product showcase was more than self-evident. It is not practical for the company to bring all the product with them to promote at an exhibition or even try many of them on site. By leveraging the Augmented Reality platform, they have gained the ability to showcase many products without the necessity to physically have them on site.


After the implementation of AR into the process of product showcasing, the company had experienced a lot of positive feedback from their clients not only at the exhibitions but also after they've downloaded the app and tried the products at home. So apart from being a wonderful sales tool, it allowed Glamm Fire to build a better relationship with their clients.

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