Gant Lights

Handcrafted concrete lighting


The Gant Lights company produces handcrafted minimalistic concrete lights made of high-contrast material such as rust copper, silver, wood, bronze or gold.


Testing the market reaction, the client initially decided to upload only 1 product - in 90 different variants, however. Shortly afterwards he went for the full custom AR application.

Stefan Gant -
Owner | Gant Lights

"The ability to showcase my products with just a tablet or a phone is a big advantage and relief as well. I no longer need to depend on 3D visualizations when designing a new project, I can simply show the client and get live feedback."


Having 90 variations of the product in AR, ready to be showcased anytime and anywhere is a huge asset when it comes to presenting products at the exhibitions, business meetings or retail stores.


With the AR application, clients can now browse different product variations in no time, which is a big deal when it comes to choosing the right combination of materials from 90 different options.

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