Designer stone radiators


By combining the latest technology with artistic vision, Cinier is transforming the way people think about heating and radiators. Creatively delivering premium products both in the visual and technical aspect, Cinier remains the foremost manufacturer of designer radiators and heating systems.


To find an optimal solution for bringing the products into the Augmented Reality space. In this case, the client decided to go for the custom application, as they firmly believe that it's going to support the sales process by making it easier to showcase various product options on-site.

Stephane Cinier -
Director | Cinier

"The level of quality and detail is astonishing. We use the app at the exhibitions all the time and clients are loving the experience."


Creating a trustworthy representation of such premium designer products was a real challenge. Especially when it came to the LED part. We have, however, developed a neat solution which allows us to simulate the light emission in AR. Apart from that, we have greatly improved the UX when it comes to wall-mounted objects.


Having the products in Augmented Reality application, Cinier is now able to step up their showcasing game and increase engagement with prospective clients at the exhibitions and showrooms. They have also incorporated the app into their sales process which is not only a logistical convenience but time-saving as well.

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