Case studies

Over the years we have managed to collaborate with quite a number of clients for whom we provided a wide variety of services beginning with Augmented Reality solutions, 3D modelling, online 360° viewers or product visualisations.


Manufacturer of designer carpets and rugs from Norway - Heymat decided to provide their customers with a custom AR application. Read the whole case study to get all the details.


Premium designer of luxury stone radiators from France - Cinier is using their custom Augmented Reality application to showcase their products more easily and with much less effort.


One of the top Polish design companies - VZÓR decided to use the AR technology to showcase their unique product line more efficiently. See how they use the AR technology in the sales process.

Gant Lights

Contemporary minimalist style of lighting brought into the Augmented Reality. Discover what benefits have Gant Lights obtained from using the AR application with their products.


Producer of natural organic moss and lichen walls, acoustic panels and frames. Read the whole case study to see how Greenmood utilizes the AR technology to speed up the sales process.


The largest manufacturer and reseller of bean bags in Slovakia - Tuli, has decided to transform the shopping experience for their customers by getting into Augmented Reality.

Wooden Germany

Discover in what way Wooden Germany uses the AR application to visualize the final result and provide the ultimate clarity both for client and for themselves.

Glamm Fire

See how a leading manufacturer of high end indoor and outdoor fireplaces uses our Augmented Reality solution to better promote their product and as a useful sales tool.


World's largest manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces - Tulikivi decided to keep up with the innovation and made their products available in Augmented reality. See the whole case study to learn more.

Lucht LHZ

Radiator and heating unit manufacturer - Lucht LHZ goes into Augmented Reality in order to provide maximum visual clarity for their end customers, making sure that the radiators fit in place perfectly.

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