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Saving money with 3D models and 3D visualizations

October 05, 2019

It is undeniable. Computer graphics became indistinguishable from reality. In order to boost up the trustworthiness, designers even add deliberate imperfections into the render scenes or the actual products themselves. But is the quality enough of a reason not to go for the product photography instead? Let's find out the key benefits of 3D modelling and 3D visualizations.

AR Visual blog

Augmented Reality applications in HVAC industry

June 14, 2019

Heat pumps, radiators, boilers, ventilating system or AC-units… all of those are sold primarily due to how they work... but what about the visual side of things? AR not only allows to clarify whether the chosen product won’t be a visual detriment to the overall interior or exterior setting, but it also solves the question of physical dimensions — in other words, is it going to fit in here?

AR Visual blog

Rugs and carpets in Augmented Reality application

June 08, 2019

Previewing your new sofa or a table in your living room using Augmented Reality application… that is old news, right? Well sort of. While some companies are in the process of thinking about the implementation of AR technology, others even though their primary product is somehow “flat”, invested into AR and are benefiting from it tremendously.

AR Visual blog

Getting the maximum value out of your AR application

April 21, 2019

Having your products in Augmented Reality space is one thing but using the full potential of the application is something completely different. That is why we decided to give you four tips on how to get the maximum value out of the Augmented Reality app.

AR Visual blog

Augmented Reality and communication with clients

March 06, 2019

We have all been there. The difficulties of idea explanation and communication of the final result. The ability of our clients to envision something might not always be up to par with ours. To successfully convey the message or the idea to your client without misunderstanding of some sort can sometimes be a truly difficult task. It requires a lot of mental effort to be able to “synchronize” with the client in order to reach consensus. Imagine having to present your ideas about choices you are going to make regarding the client’s new office interior design.

AR Visual blog

Augmented Reality — Show, don't tell!

March 04, 2019

Augmented Reality — the #1 trending topic of 2019 in furniture and home décor industry. What is going on and why are CEOs and directors from all across the globe heavily invested in this trend. And is Augmented Reality really just a trend… or is it the future? Be it a giant international producer and reseller such as IKEA or a small two-man boutique furniture business from Denmark — everybody seems to be running towards this innovation.



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