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AR Visual blog

Saving money with 3D models and 3D visualizations

October 05, 2019

It is undeniable. Computer graphics became indistinguishable from reality. In order to boost up the trustworthiness, designers even add deliberate imperfections into the render scenes or the actual products themselves. But is the quality enough of a reason not to go for the product photography instead? Let's find out the key benefits of 3D modelling and 3D visualizations.

AR Visual blog

What is AR — and what it most certainly isn’t

January 25, 2019

The response which I get very often when I try to explain what is it that we actually do is astounding. People either never heard of AR, or in the better case, they confuse it with web 360° viewers, VR gaming or mixed reality. Thus I decided to clean this thought-mess once and for all.

Augmented Reality as we utilize it
There is a lot of different ways of using AR ranging from games, maps, signage all the way to the retail. The part that we as a company focus on is previewing 3D objects/models/products in the space of Augmented Reality.

It means, basically, that we provide a platform with which you are able to display 3D objects real-time in the scene which is captured live by a camera of your smart device. This way the user can quickly preview products in real size and in real colour or material.


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