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August 29, 2019

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Radiators and heaters in Augmented Reality

A couple of months ago, AR Visual started cooperating with a german heating system manufacturer Lucht LHZ. Delivering not only the 3D modelling services, 360 product visualizations but also a custom AR application for both iOS and Android.

We have decided to get in touch with Rafael Frommhold —Project & E-Commerce Manager of Lucht LHZ Elektroheizung GmbH & Co. KG and ask him a few questions regarding the Augmented Reality application.

Describe your company in a few sentences for a brief introduction
“Lucht LHZ Elektroheizung GmbH & Co. KG is a mid-sized family business founded in Friedberg in 1987. The production and distribution of electrically operated heating systems have been carried out in Hartmannsdorf / Burgstädt since 1995. The LHZ Group supplies a big amount of specialized dealers in more than 32 countries. The product portfolio includes u.a. partial storage heaters, design heaters, bathroom radiators, wall convectors and electric storage heaters. Our products are manufactured at our Hartmannsdorf and Burgstädt locations. Made in Germany.”

That is quite a journey indeed. I see a rich heritage being juxtaposed with the latest technology. What was your first encounter with AR and your initial reaction?
“The first encounter was around 2016 when Pokemon Go was hyped. Although I didn’t play/like the game much, I was impressed by the technical side of it. The first time businesswise was an AR app of a competitor, which was placing a model of a house on your desk, kind of a dollhouse. I did like the technical side of it as well but did not see a significant value of this kind of AR. When receiving the demo of AR Visual it finally made sense and displayed what opportunity it might bring for business purposes.”

What was the reason you decided to invest in the custom AR app?
“I was discussing the demo with colleagues and friends. One of them told me, that she recently bought a fireplace. The sales person also came up with an AR solution and showed how the different kind of fireplaces might look in her home. To see the possibilities right in her home convinced her to buy a fireplace. This testimonial also convinced me, that it will help our customers to make a buying decision and boost business.”

Is AR prevalent in your line of business?
“No, not yet. I’ve seen only a few competitors using it but not many yet.”

How do you plan on using the AR app and where do you see the most potential?
“We plan to use it primarily as a sales tool for our sales staff (B2B) as well as a tool for our online presences (B2B/B2C), which makes the customer spend more time on our websites, therefore, increasing the chances of a successful purchase.”

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