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April 21, 2019

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Getting the maximum value out of your AR application

Having your products in Augmented Reality space is one thing but using the full potential of the application is something completely different. That is why we decided to give you four tips on how to get the maximum value out of the Augmented Reality app.

1 Talk about it
Content is the name of the game nowadays. Why not tell the world about your AR app. Write an article on LinkedIn put a download banner on your web site, share it on Facebook, make a video, snap some pictures for your Instagram. In 2019, AR technology is still something that grabs the attention of regular people outside your craft. Those might be your prospective clients or customers and by giving them the opportunity to engage with you in a fun and exciting way, you are able to differentiate from your competition and build deeper relationships with your clients and customers.

2 Use it at events and exhibitions
Depending on the specifics of your product, it may be impractical to showcase all of it in each and every colour and material variation on site during the exhibition. With the AR app, you can easily showcase your entire product line in just a few swipes on your smart device. Way to make a good first impression and also save some space, time and energy.

3 Sales reps love it
Samples, materials, colour, variations, catalogues. This all has its righteous place in the sales process. However, being able to, for example, show a prospective client how the luxury chandelier fits with the rest of his furniture or demonstrate in a matter of seconds, how is his new living room going to look like that is an asset that every sales representative dreams of so let them try it out.

4 Retail and end customer
If you happen to cooperate with retailers, why not providing them with a free tool for showcasing your products? They will surely love it and their customers will definitely remember your products and your brand. As for the end customer they seek the interesting, different, new and exciting. By having custom AR application youll be able to get closer than ever before to your target market and engage with them on a completely different level.

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