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March 06, 2019

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Augmented Reality and communication with clients

We have all been there. The difficulties of idea explanation and communication of the final result. The ability of our clients to envision something might not always be up to par with ours. To successfully convey the message or the idea to your client without misunderstanding of some sort can sometimes be a truly difficult task. It requires a lot of mental effort to be able to “synchronize” with the client in order to reach consensus. Imagine having to present your ideas about choices you are going to make regarding the client’s new office interior design.

After you slowly and carefully explain the ideas that you have in your head for the lighting, furniture style, colour scheme, the material combinations etc… the client goes like — “But yeah… I just can’t imagine that.”, or better yet “I don’t think that it’s going to work.”

And you keep explaining, keep trying to justify and to describe the end result but the client just won’t budge. Can we blame clients for the lack of imagination? Or for not understanding our intentions and ideas? No… in similar cases we usually resort to 3D visualizations. But is there any alternative? Well… yes! Augmented Reality.

With this technology, you are able to place the products — whether it’s a sofa, carpet, shelf, dining table, vase, coat hanger or office furniture of any kind — right into the scene that is being projected on your tablet or a phone. That means you can pick an choose according to your will, place the desired products in whatever colour or material variant into the scene and this way you can furnish an entire office floor in no time with just a few swipes. Sounds too easy? It is!

Using Augmented Reality applications in the field of furniture and architecture is no longer a rare phenomenon. Companies and designers all across the world are leveraging the benefits of Augmented Reality. It brings about an instant clarity for the client, meaning the answer to the question — “Is this expensive sofa a good choice for my new apartment — will it fit in?” On the other side, it can be utilized as a sales tool at the exhibitions or at the retail stores. Yes, you no longer need to have every single variant and color in stock yet still you can showcase all of them. This way the companies transform the process of shopping for furniture and design items into a fun and exciting experience for the end customer which results in higher engagement of customers, dropping rate of returned goods and overall brand awareness being raised.

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