Augmented Reality
custom applications

Our primary focus is on the development of custom Augmented Reality mobile applications for companies predominantly concerned with furniture and home decor.

Augmented Reality constitutes not only an exceptional sales tool that allows you to showcase your products anytime and anywhere but also helps with promotional and marketing efforts.

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Using Augmented Reality

Sales support - B2B

The application is designed to be used as a sales tool by your sales representatives during business meetings with your new potential client, retailer or a customer.

By utilizing the AR app, the sales reps are able to receive live feedback from the client right on-site. It makes the communication much more clear and adjustments can be made on the fly.

Dealers and retailers

Augmented Reality application with all of your products can be of great utility to your dealers, distributors and retailers that are operating at the B2C level.

For them, the app represents a flexible tool for grabbing the attention of the customer and also for showcasing any given product even if some color or material variation is not currently in stock.

Customer experience

Providing your customers with Augmented Reality application has a positive effect on the engagement, brand awareness and allows you to differentiate.

Plus the end customer receives a tool of validation which is of great value to those who are not quite decisive. This, as a result transforms the average shopping into an exciting experience.

End customer

Customers will have the opportunity to download your app and try your products in multiple variations in the comfort of their home or anywhere else.

Based on the experience, this can lead to up to +24% increase in online purchases. Plus, the percentage of returned goods is going to lower, as customers can try if the product fits before they purchase it.

Exhibitions & showrooms

Bringing your entire product line at the exhibitions? No problem. With custom AR application, you have all of your products in your smart device.

Regardless of the exhibition booth size, you are able to showcase every product that is not physically displayed and attract all the attention by differentiating while boosting your brand recognition.

Market expansion

Estimates are such that in the next 2 years online shopping will grow by more than 20%. AR presents an ideal solution for leveraging this phenomenon.

With AR, it is really easy to reach a greater market, as nowadays everybody owns a smartphone or a tablet and with just a few swipes, people can save time and have fun trying before buying.

Okay, but how does it work?

Check out some of our videos to better understand how the Augmented Reality
application works and what are its features and functions.

Looking for 360° product viewer?

It’s okay, Augmented Reality does not need to fit everyone. In case you are looking for a simpler
way of showcasing your products - head over to our 360° product viewer / configurator section

Our Augmented Reality solutions

Custom Augmented Reality mobile application

Your own custom AR application allows you to offer the ultimate immersive experience to your customers. Being able to try your products in real time in the comfort of their home eliminates doubt and provides clarity for your customers.

Brief overview

  • Supports wall and ceiling-mounted objects (lamps, radiators...)
  • Placing multiple objects in the space of Augmented Reality
  • Changing color and material variations in the AR scene
  • Boosting brand recognition, marketing and promotion efforts
  • Entirely customizable UX flow depending on your product line

The app is for both platforms - Android and iOS

1. Creating
3D models

Send us photos of the products you wish to have in the application and we will create AR-ready 3D models.

2. Development & implementation

After creating the 3D models, we are going to implement them into the AR app and customize the UX/UI.

3. Final delivery
of the solution

We will set everything up so that your customers will be able to download the app and try your products in AR.

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