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Agile 3D product
modelling services

Agile 3D product modelling services

Large volume production of high quality 3D models for Augmented Reality and architectural visualizations

Large volume production of high quality 3D models

The use of 3D models

Having 3D models of your products is beneficial for multiple reasons. No matter the intended use, it’s always the most practical and cost-effective way to go about showcasing and presenting your products.


360° product

360° product

3D architecture


and print

Social media
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Our 3D modelling services

We specialize in creating highly optimized 3D models that are ready to be used not only in Augmented Reality but also in regular architectural 3D visualizations. Quality of our 3D models is of utmost importance to us as well as their performance. That is why we have over the years developed and successfully implemented the process of procedural optimization that allows us to achieve a balance between polygon count, texture quality and the overall realistic look of a product.

We are capable of delivering 3D assets in a variety of standard formats. In case that you need your models in special 3D format, contact us at and we will definitely find a solution together.

1. Sending images

First, we gather all the product information including product images, measurements, color and material variations along with any additional information from the client.

2. Model creation

Next, our modelling team starts creating the 3D models based on the information and product imagery that we have received in the first stage of the process.

3. The delivery

After creating and optimizing all of the products, we carefully examine and test the results. Only when we are 100% sure that the models are OK, the delivery takes place.

Benefits of having 3D models

Permanent and editable

3D models are reusable, easily editable in terms of size, shape, colour and material. This keeps the cost of the future re-renders and minor adjustments down.


It’s easier to create product variations (color, material) from an existing model rather than organizing an entire photo-shoot all over again.


3D models are generally cheaper to work with even if you aim to produce complex render scenes. Savings in time, energy and human power are huge.

Easy product validation

By creating a fictional product and marketing it to your target audience to test the demand, you can avoid the risk of producing something that nobody wants to buy.

Quality and speed

Utilizing 3D models in the creation of marketing materials can be 3x as fast as arranging a photo-shoot. No post-processing, no imperfections, smears or dust particles.


Once you have 3D models of your products, there is nothing stopping you in providing an ultimate shopping experience in form of AR or 360° product viewers.

Compelling customer experience?

Are you thinking about levelling up your services? Do you wish to transform the shopping experience of your customers from average to an unforgettable one?

Looking for something special?

Premium 3D modelling services

With our luxury 3D modelling platform carat3d - we strive to satisfy the needs of our most premium clients. Focusing on luxury furniture and home decor pieces, we were able to create a niche service platform by distilling our knowledge in furniture and home decor business.

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